EMPOWER – Churches for Impact!

You can EMPOWER churches to have a more significant and lasting impact in their community!

Did you know that only 6% of salvation happens after 18? Therefore, we believe that the church’s survival in a fast becoming post-Christian society is highly dependent on the quality of relevant resources used in ministry to children.

Our dream is to provide high-quality, Word-based, relevant curriculum and resources free of charge to all ministries working with children. In this way, we will empower churches worldwide in all walks of life to impact the 94%!

The development of these resources is costly. Therefore, often making it un-accessible for churches, expenditure is not necessarily prioritized for children’s ministry. Sponsorships are needed to address this need.

We have a qualified team of passionate leaders who constantly develop relevant, word-based curricula and resources in a fast-changing society.

We have empowered many churches in different communities with these resources. As a result, we’ve had fantastic feedback on the impact there has been on children and families, not to mention the church’s growth as a result thereof.

You can EMPOWER churches to have a more significant and lasting impact in their community by:

Investing in the development of these resources.

Providing equipment needed in the development process.

Sponsoring translation projects.

Target Groups: Leaders - Church, Ministry, Community
Influenced Countries: South Africa


Development Process:

Development of Curriculum and resources

Discovering the need and Word-based answers

Writingdeveloping and composing the recourse or curriculum

The Media Process

Finding the relevant mediapresenters and artists

Designingrecording and composing the resources

Translation in 2 languages for three age groups

Finalizing of products

Translation of lessons

Packaging Curriculum and resources into adaptable formats

Easy to use

Can be personalized for each ministry’s needs

Launching the curriculum and resources

Providing relevant training for resources


Expected Outputs

Rolling out of the products:

Developing the resources.

Making it available on various platforms.

Market said materials on multiple platforms and social media.

Relevant training is available online and in person.

Providing the custom packs for download.

Expected Outcomes

Well equipped children’s ministries, using:

High-quality materials for a modern society.

Relevant topics and communication.

Word-based curriculum and resources.

Resources that are affordable, if not free.

Resources that are available in different formats.

Resources that can be customized to the specific needs of the congregation.

Expected Impact

Impacting ministries by:

Empowering churches worldwide in all walks of life to impact the next generation.

Giving churches the chance to have a 94% return on investment.

Seeing a generation changed by the Word of God.

Impacting communities through families.

Meet the Team


Project Manager


Video Editor and Social Media


Administration and Marketing


Graphics designer


Community page administrator

Zirkea Stander

Music Director


Visionary Leader


Podcasts Coordinator


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