KIDS ROC Training and Consulting

You can help impact a community and change its values and morals at the core!

Want to see your community change from a place of self-serving and inequality to a caring community? Well, you can!

Lack of clarity about the role you can play in your community can leave one feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Yet, we could be inspired by the opportunities in front of us at the same time. We believe that change starts by investing in children and empowering those who work with them.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” 

— Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

You can help impact a community and change its values and morals at the core

while influencing the future of your country, and we can help you make that difference.

We have many stories of how families and communities have been impacted through effective ministry to children,

also, how leaders have been deeply moved to be custodians of this message.

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

– Steve Jobs


We desire to make this service available for FREE to all communities. You can contribute to this growing impact by:

Giving Financially to the development and roll-out into communities.

Personally-Identifying a leader or leaders and sponsoring them.

Sponsoring the resources needed.

Target Groups: Leaders working with children - Church, Ministry, Community
Influenced Countries: South Africa, Romania, Germany, USA, Namibia


We inspire and train leaders to understand the IMPACT effective ministry to children can have on a community by:

Consulting with the leaders to assess resources.

Train and inspire leaders to understand the importance of investing in their children.

We help them design a plan for implementation.

Providing free resources to use in training leaders and children.

We journey with the leader for as long as needed.


Expected Outputs

Networking and empowerment of leaders working with children.

Training and consulting:

Online Conference & In-person – Equipping and Inspiration.

Local Community Engagement – Fellowship and Impartation.

Self-paced online training:

On the basics of ministry to children through advanced techniques.

As well as structures and engagement of children.

Free resources to use in training children.

Expected Outcomes

Identifying the opportunities in communities.

Equipping people to train children for impact.

A caring community focused on raising children with good moral standing and values.

Expected Impact

Leaders that understand the impact of raising a generation to Know God, Love People and Impact their world!

Networks pulling together to train and empower people to teach children effectively.

Children who rise to their full potential and influence their families, schools, and communities.

Meet the Team


AFM Liaison

Danielle Kruger

Johannesburg Network Coordinator

Anneke Rabie

Tshwane Network Coordinator


Cape Town Network Coordinator

Elri Khün

Bloemfontein Network Coordinator


Training director


Central network Coordinator

Reanca Olwage

Pretoria North Network Coordinator

Corien Kruger

Garden Route Network Coordinator

Luan Els

Network of Churches Liaison


Training site developer

Project Documentation

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