Doxa Deo Church Planting

Doxa Deo: Building Vibrant Churches for Positive Change

Doxa Deo is a dynamic church planting movement focused on establishing vibrant city churches with multiple campuses and ministries that serve as forces for good and positive change in society. As a church planting movement, we establish one church in each city, expanding with various campuses, each having its venue and dedicated ministry team. Additionally, we have strategic partnerships to plant township churches and support financially disadvantaged churches in constructing modern facilities.

By partnering with Doxa Deo, you play a crucial role in building vibrant city churches that positively influence society, creating a ripple effect of positive change and hope for all.

Target Groups: Cities and Townships
Influenced Countries: SA, USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand


  1. Church Planting: Establish one church in each city and expand with multiple campuses, each equipped with its own facilities and ministry team.
  2. Partnership with Judea Harvest: Collaborate to plant township churches using a match-funding model to construct prefabricated churches and community spaces.
  3. Support for Disadvantaged Churches: Partner with successful but financially disadvantaged churches to contribute 50% of the costs in building modern church facilities.

Expected Outputs

  1. New Campuses: Establish three new campuses annually with well-equipped venues and ministry teams.
  2. Township Churches: Facilitate the construction of ten prefabricated churches with community spaces in townships.
  3. Improved Church Facilities: Help financially disadvantaged churches upgrade their facilities to serve the community better.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Empowered City Churches: Develop vibrant churches with strong discipleship programs and positive impacts on their local communities.
  2. Healthy Families: Encourage family well-being through supportive church communities and relevant programs.
  3. Thriving Workplaces: Promote values and principles that contribute to positive workplace environments.
  4. Effective Civil Structures: Foster civic engagement and initiatives that bring about positive change in society.
  5. Improved Community Centers: Transform struggling neighborhoods by providing state-of-the-art community facilities.

Expected Impact

  1. Positive Change in Society: EmpowerCity’s efforts lead to healthier families, improved workplaces, and more effective civil structures, contributing to the overall well-being and wholeness of cities.
  2. Hope and Beauty in Struggling Areas: Flourishing churches and modern community centers provide hope and a sense of beauty to disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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The Doxa Deo Global Team champion this project together!


Judea harvest has a match funding model where we raise $12k and the raise the rest to build 10 prefabricated churches.

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