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Education is the back bone of society and when we remove Christ from schools we remove Faith, Love and Hope from the future. With your help we can establish models of education where Christ is the centre.

We are building the future we and our children and their children will live in. In many nations, religion is taken out of schools for inclusivity, leading to education without God, which is not a truth-filled education. A next generation without a Godly worldview will create a world that does not reflect Kingdom life. Children who do not see God as the source of light will live in darkness.

Children spend most of their time at school, where they form their worldview. We dream of schools with a Christ-centered Worldview – where our faith, education, sport and culture are naturally integrated.

We have seen the challenge, and who will if we don’t do something about it? Our legacy can live on in the next generation if we take up the mantle of leading and influencing education.  Take hands with us to establish Christ-centered school models and engage the educational sphere.

Developing and Releasing Next Generation Leaders for their Future through Quality Christ-Centered Education.

Target Groups: 2-18 years
Influenced Countries: South Africa


Establish new schools in strategic cities.

Expand existing school models.

Offer bursaries to disadvantaged learners.

Establish low-fee schools that will make Christ-centered education available to more people.

Exchange programs where Christ-centered learners can develop a larger worldview and take their faith to others.

Investment in teachers so that they can be the agents of Christ-centered education.

We have City Changers Missional School Learning Communities where school principals are resourced, empowered and connected for Christ Centered Education.

Your prayerful consideration and monthly or once-off contribution can accelerate this dream and make Christ-centered education a greater reality in our world. You can make a difference.

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Expected Outputs

Affordable, holistic, Christ-centered education through:

  • Authentic Christianity
  • Excellent academic standards
  • Future-oriented education
  • Talent development through sport and cultural participation
  • Leadership development programs
  • Educators with a calling to teach, care for and develop the next generation
  • High standard facilities

We aim to reach 4000 learners in our current schools and thousands more through other school partners inspired by these Christ-centered models.

Expected Outcomes

School models in every strategic city will become beacons for all schools in that city.

Passionate, trained and equipped Christian educators.

Learners that know God, love people and impact their world through educational environments that offer:

  • Life changes without compromising the quality standard of academic tuition.
  • An environment where children do not compare to others but find their identity in Christ.
  • Where every educator would be a spiritual mentor for children and parents.
  • Educators will create a love for lifelong learning and be the bearers of knowledge and facilitators of learning.

Expected Impact

Expanding the capacity of influence in our existing schools – 1500 learners

Two new schools in the next two years – 500 learners

With a strong base and resourceful partners, the future impact can be as significant as we are willing to dream.

Transformed cities – raising Kingdom ambassadors that establish God’s Kingdom.

A future where the next generation will know God, love people and be future-focused.

Can you also see –

  • Children that worship God freely at school;
  • That know who they are and develop in their unique calling;
  • Children who minister to their families;
  • Children that have a passion for other people;
  • Our children grow up to be leaders;
  • Adults that excel in every sphere of society;
  • Kingdom ambassadors in our cities and the nations of the world exhibiting God’s glory!

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Christ Centered Educational Specialist


Principal Edendale Independent School

PhillipDe Bruyn

Principal Xanadu Private School


Doxa Deo Midstream Kleuter Akademie


Retired principal and consultant

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