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EMPOWER churches and families to have a more significant and lasting impact in their community!

Leaving a legacy is one of the most significant things we can do in our lifetime. Providing Life-giving teaching material that will influence children’s Worldview and morality should be one of the top two on our bucket list! We can help you do just that!

The Know-Show-Go Curriculum is so much more than a curriculum. We present a product that will take the children’s ministry, parents, teachers and children on a twelve-year journey with 120 Bible Stories, diving deeper into the application of each story as they grow and change in their life phases.

Our lessons will be part of a three-year program for five age groups, from baby to preteen. Taking children on a journey of discovery will make them fall in love with Jesus and give them the tools to understand the Bible and the significant characters God used to write His Story over history.

The Know-Show-Go Curriculum will not be standalone lessons but part of an equipping journey for teachers and families. Another outstanding feature is that the lessons are written to be life-applicable for the developmental phase that the child is in.

In year two of the development, we provide families with hours of fun and games while spending time with each other around the Word of God through a set of collectable Character Cards, Bible Quizzes, Fun Facts, a Picture Bible, and more. We are passionate about teaching children to Know God, Love People and live in a manner that will impact their world.

With only 6% of salvation happening after the age of 18? The church’s survival in a fast-becoming post-Christian society depends on the quality and relevance of resources used in ministry to children.

We have a qualified team of passionate leaders who are part of our development to provide high-quality, Word-based, relevant Curriculum and resources to all ministries working with children. This way, we will empower churches worldwide in a fast-changing society in all walks of life to impact the 94%!

We have empowered many churches in different communities with these resources. As a result, we’ve had fantastic feedback on its Impact on children and families, not to mention the church’s growth.

Partner with us for Impact by:

  • Investing in the development of these resources.
  • Sponsoring
Target Groups: Leaders - Church, Ministry, Community Impact, Creating a Legacy.
Influenced Countries: South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Germany.


Development Process:

Researching and choosing Bible stories and other relevant topics will serve the three-year approach well.

Market research to understand the needs of different churches and how we can address them in a single product.

Create an outline for each year, term, and age group.

To pull up a detailed outline document for each lesson, focusing on milestones we want to achieve in each phase.

Write the lessons and develop the resources needed in English.

Comprise a comparison grid for illustrations required so as not to repeat drawing and misuse funding.

Finalise lessons per term, ensuring that the Golden Thread is followed from the first to the last lesson and unpacking deeper understanding at each developmental phase.

Translate lessons and resources into Afrikaans and German—more languages to follow.

Exporting Curriculum and resources into adaptable formats.

Expected Outputs

Rolling out of the products:

Development of Three-Year Curriculum and resources

Year One: Laying foundations.

That include 69 NT, 52 OT and 3 Foundational Old Testament stories build on each other to complete the narrative. The New Testament Stories are combined as themes.

Making it available on various platforms.

Year Two: Building on the Foundations

Developing the collectable Character Cards, Bible Quizzes, Fun Facts sets. A Picture Bible, Bible Timeline and weekly Podcasts for families.

Market said materials on multiple platforms and social media.

Year Three: Completing the picture!

Developing an App as delivery system for the resources available to both parents and teachers. Recording lessons to be used as an online curriculum.

Relevant training is available online and in person.

Expected Outcomes

Empowering churches worldwide through a well-equipped children’s ministry, using:

  • A high-quality, Word-founded, Christ-centered and outcome-based Curriculum and resources that is appealing to both parents, children and teachers in a modern society.
  • The Curriculum will consist of a Theological Overview document, an editable run sheet, and an online resource center with Bible stories, games, and memory verse ideas.
  • Relevant topics and current communication techniques.
  • Affordable resources that are available in a variety of formats.
  • Lessons formats that can be customized to the need of individual churches in all nations.

Expected Impact

 A changed community and a growing church in all walks of life in many countries across the Globe.

 Giving churches a fighting chance in a post-Christian society to have a 94% return on investment.

 Seeing a generation changed by the Word of God.

Stepping up to impact their communities.

 Families that make following Christ and living a life of generosity and service their calling.

Lessons formats that can be customized to the need of individual churches and even classes in schools in all nations.

Meet the Team


Theological Direction & Overview


Coordinating all Teams


German Translation Project


Graphic Designer


Manages & Designs Platforms


Illustrating all Bible Stories


Foundation Phase Director


Preschool & Grade RR-1


Middle School Writer


Theological Overviews & Preteens


Final Check Point

Anya Viviers

Final Check Point


Theological Check


Theological Check


Final Check Point


Proofreading and Translations


Proofreading and Translations


Proofreading and Translations


Proofreading and Translations


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