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Feed.Play.Love - Empowering Day Care Centers for Child Development

In South African townships, thousands of untrained Day Care Centers cater to children while their parents work. The lack of Early Childhood Development (ECD) education among caregivers means these children miss vital stimulation during their crucial developmental years. As a result, they face disadvantages when they enter primary school, hindering their ability to catch up. “Feed.Play.Love” is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of these children by providing ECD training courses from the University of Pretoria to Day Care Center staff. By empowering caregivers with accredited qualifications, the program focuses on nurturing proper nutrition, physical and mental development, and creating a loving and stimulating environment for disadvantaged children. With your support, we can prepare these children to be school-ready and equip caregivers to inspire and foster growth in the young minds they nurture.

Overall, “Feed.Play.Love” envisions creating nurturing learning environments that enable children to develop and thrive to their fullest potential. Their mission is to provide caregivers with accredited education and support to deliver sufficient nutrition, education, therapy, and care to the children they serve. By investing in early child development, the organization seeks to break the cycle of disadvantage and foster long-lasting positive outcomes for both children and communities in South African townships.

Target Groups: Day Care Centre staff and Day Care Centre throughout South Africa
Influenced Countries: South Africa


  1. ECD Training: Deliver comprehensive and accredited courses to Day Care Center staff.
  2. Nutritional Support: Provide food packages, including vitamin sachets, to boost children’s immune systems.
  3. Educational Play: Foster spiritual, physical, and educational development through play-based learning.
  4. Create a Loving Environment: Establish caring and nurturing atmospheres where children can thrive.

Expected Outputs

  1. Trained Day Care Workers: Daycare staff equipped with ECD knowledge and skills.
  2. Improved Nutrition: Children receive proper nutritional care due to trained staff.
  3. Stimulating Learning Environment: Day Care Centers transformed into nurturing spaces for children.
  4. Increased Immunity: Children benefit from improved health and well-being.
  5. Prepared for School: Children gain essential skills and knowledge for a successful start in primary school.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Enhanced Child Development: Children experience improved cognitive, emotional, and physical development.
  2. School Readiness: Children are well-prepared to excel in their early schooling years.
  3. Break the Cycle of Disadvantage: Empowered caregivers create a positive impact on the lives of children and the community.
  4. Long-term Benefits: Investing in early child development leads to positive social and economic outcomes.

Expected Impact

  1. School Success: Gradually, more children from disadvantaged communities achieve academic success.
  2. Thriving Communities: Nurtured and educated children contribute positively to their communities.
  3. Holistic Growth: Children grow into well-rounded individuals, realizing their full potential.
  4. Sustainable Change: Empowered Day Care Center staff continue to influence generations of children.

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