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House Lesedi Hartbeespoort - Protecting Innocence, Changing Destinies

House Lesedi Hartbeespoort is a non-profit organization inviting local businesses and the community to join forces in transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Criminal offences against children must be confronted, and House Lesedi offers a solution through positive action. With a track record of 15 years of caring for orphaned, maltreated, and abused children, the organization operates under the umbrella of a well-established entity dating back to 1938, holding NPO, PBO, and Designated Child Protection status. By supporting House Lesedi, you ensure a legally compliant and transparent project that provides a safe, well-equipped home for babies in crisis. Skilled caretaking ensures the physical and emotional well-being of the children, fostering age-appropriate social and intellectual development. You play a crucial role in creating a brighter future for these vulnerable infants through community involvement.

Target Groups: Babies - 0-24 months
Influenced Countries: South Africa


  • Providing a well-equipped, legally compliant, and safe home for babies in crisis.
  • Offering skilled in-house care that promotes safety and emotional growth.
  • We are creating opportunities for community involvement through donations and volunteering.


Expected Outputs

  • Increased access to physical and emotional safety and care for babies in crisis in Hartbeespoort.
  • Enhanced community awareness about intervention strategies to protect babies.
  • Improved community strategies for preventing abuse, abandonment, and neglect of babies.





Expected Outcomes

  • Improved physical and emotional safety and care for babies in crisis in the Hartbeespoort community.
  • Empowered and resilient children who can thrive despite their challenging circumstances.
  • Strengthened community bonds through active participation and shared responsibility in child protection.

Expected Impact

House Lesedi’s efforts significantly reduce criminal offences against children, making a lasting positive change in the destinies of vulnerable infants. By joining hands with the organization, the community creates a safer and more nurturing environment for the most defenceless members, safeguarding their rights and brightening their prospects.

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