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What if children started living with purpose and passion, embracing the role they need to play in their community? You can see this happen!

Are you frustrated by self-entitled, easily manipulated youth? Then, you can be the change!

What if children started living with purpose and passion, embracing the role they need to play in their community and stepping up to lead with compassion in a hurting society, a voice of reason in times of chaos.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” – Stacia Tauscher

We create a safe environment for children to:

Discover their godly identity and intimacy with their heavenly Father.

Find healing and restoration in a world where parents are absent and hurt.

Be equipped to stand on God’s Word in modern society.

Be empowered to BE the change where they are.


“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

We have taken thousands of children through this process since 2006. We have seen children’s demeanour change from shy and broken to confident, inspiring leaders. They take responsibility for their calling and purpose and step up to “Be the Change” in their community. We have seen not only families but also communities being impacted through this process.

You can contribute to this process by:

Sponsoring a child for the process.

Giving towards resources for the camps.

Give your time to be part of the impact.

Target Groups: Parents and children
Influenced Countries: South Africa


Our process is divided into two camps per year, and the desire is that children attend at least four camps to be fully equipped.

KIM Camp consists of:

Themed camp, including gift packs and projects to complete.

The content is focused on establishing identity and purpose.

We focus on building relationships with children to create a breeding ground for growth and impartation.

KIM Lead Camp consisting of:

Survivor themed camp, including gift packs and projects to complete.

The content is focused on leadership development and building a more substantial Word base.

We focus on creating in-depth relationships.

They are given an outreach project that they need to complete and give feedback on.

Training adult Leaders:

To be facilitators and small group leaders.

Local leadership involvement:

Having a variety of churches involved in the camps.

Covid-19 Adjustment Pre-recordings, Events and live streams.

Expected Outputs

Two KIM camps per year.

Sourcing and Booking:

Camp Grounds

Camp Resources


Volunteers as facilitators and small group leaders.

Community leadership involvement.

Sponsorships for struggling families to give all children a fair opportunity.

Equipping leaders:

Leadership training:

All leaders will go through a rigorous vetting process.

Walking with wounded children.

Facilitation of the program.

Buy-in from various congregations:

Local churches take responsibility for the next generation by having continuous investments and a follow-up process.

Special Covid-19 compliance and adjustments:

Formatting Camps/Training in hybrid, online and in-person events.

Pre-recorded sessions and live streams.

Social media Small groups.

Drive-thru and in-person gatherings as permitted by regulations.

Expected Outcomes

We trust that children will understand:

That they are loved unconditionally by their heavenly Father.

That they need to forgive and love themselves and others as Christ did.

That God planned them and has a purpose and calling for them.

Their relationship with God, standing firm on His Word, is the premise from which they lead.

Being God’s representatives by living a life that will draw others to Christ.

They will step up to lead in their environment and be the voice of reason in times of chaos.

Expected Impact

Having Children impact their familiesschools and communities by:

Living with purpose and passion.

Understanding their identity in Christ.

Living from a Word-based worldview and not from a place of entitlement.

Stepping up to lead when the norm is to be passive.

Showing love to all without prejudice or exception.

Living in Godly authority and compassion in ungodly circumstances.

Continuously finding comfort and healing in intimacy with God.

Meet the Team

Mariska v d Meulen

Stage design and Safety officer


Small group director


Worship Director


Program director

Anneke Rabie


Reanca Olwage



Administration and Finance

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