Empowering the Future: Becoming Heroes of Transformation

In a world of over 12,000 career paths, today’s young people aspire to lead lives of significance. Yet, the overwhelming choices often lead them to uncertainty, and one-third of students end up changing their study paths. We firmly believe that no young person should be held back from living a purposeful life due to indecision.

Your partnership with Metamorpho serves as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative one-year program that empowers students to take charge of their lives and discover their unique purpose, guided by God’s plan. Through your support, these young leaders gain exceptional metacognitive skills, recognizing and harnessing their individual talents to make profound contributions to society.

The heart of your impact lies in the three critical phases of the curriculum, which unlock the potential of these young heroes:

  1. Unlocking Your Past Without Regret: With your funding, inner healing sessions, and one-on-one life coaching, students find solace and direction. Your support lays a strong foundation in Christian principles, helping them discover their spiritual gifts.
  2. Unlocking Your Present With Confidence: Your investment enables personalized career guidance through personality profiles and mission statements, empowering students with teamwork and leadership skills, building character, enhancing emotional intelligence, and equipping them to manage fear and uncertainty. Additionally, your support provides insights into financial stewardship and entrepreneurial abilities.
  3. Unlocking Your Future Without Fear: You make a lasting difference by fostering relational intelligence, supporting exploration of biblical marriage and relationships, enabling students to positively impact their communities, building resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world, engaging in outreach activities, and cultivating healthy habits.

Together, we turn our support into action through six immersive camps across South Africa, where students experience hands-on learning, mastering critical life skills in real-world scenarios.

Target Groups: Students ages 19-23
Influenced Countries: South Africa


  • Conducting inner healing sessions and one-on-one life coaching
  • Facilitating Christian foundation courses and spiritual gift discovery
  • Providing personalized career guidance through personality profiles and mission statements
  • Delivering workshops on teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, and financial stewardship
  • Organizing immersive camps for experiential learning and practical application
  • Engaging students in outreach activities to impact their communities positively

Expected Outputs

  • Empowered students with enhanced metacognitive skills
  • Young leaders with a clear sense of identity, purpose, and direction
  • Equipped individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to society
  • Improved relationships and relational intelligence
  • Strengthened resilience and ability to navigate a changing world

Expected Outcomes

  • Next generation leaders embracing their identity in Christ
  • Young leaders finding healing and wholeness from their past
  • Graduates making a positive impact on society with authenticity and purpose
  • Transformation of families through the influence of young leaders in their homes and communities
  • A proactive and action-oriented mindset among the next generation, leading to positive change

Expected Impact

  • Young leaders living fulfilling lives of significance and purpose
  • Communities benefitting from the positive contributions of empowered young individuals
  • Cultivation of a generation of proactive and compassionate leaders, shaping a brighter future for all – a future that is possible because of your donor heroism.

Meet the Team

WernerJanse van Rensburg

Metamorpho Team Leader


Metamorpho General Manager

Heinrichvan der Merwe

Metamorpho Life Coach


Metamorpho Life Coach

Sunévan der Merwe

Metamorpho Life Coach


Metamorpho Life Coach

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