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Transform educational environments.

This generation’s greatest threat is rooted in depression, not discovering who they were created to be or even knowing God’s love. These problems get amplified with an educational system not empowering them to deal with these tensions.

Come alongside schools to change their environments to be healthier. Assist teachers, principals, and students in discovering their true potential in Christ.

“The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.”
Nelson Mandela

Where must we invest in changing tomorrow?
In the leaders, role players, and structures that will influence the future.


Target Groups: Children, Youth, Teachers, Principals
Influenced Countries: South Africa


We are currently involved in 98 schools in South Africa and have adopted a partnership approach to addressing the health of a school.

    1. Measure the Current Realities of Schools:

Working together with Consulta, TREE has developed a “HEALTH CHECK STUDY”, this study has been designed to measure the overall health status of a school community. We measure teachers’ and learners’ health to draw up a strategic plan to address the challenges.

  1. Teacher Focuses:
    We believe teachers play one of the biggest roles in shaping the next generation. We believe they are called to fulfill a unique calling to do this. We come alongside teachers and help them to understand and rediscover this calling.
    We know that a teacher’s environment is challenging and focus on teaching teachers how to live resilient lives.
    Lastly, we have termly appreciation days where we celebrate and validate teachers for fulfilling their roles.
  2. Learner Focuses:
    We engage learners on three levels, whole-school programs, classroom activities, and one-on-one coaching sessions. These activities are based on the health check results and determined in partnership with the school management.

Expected Outputs

  1. Champion Strategy
    To identify and empower individuals with leadership capacity to raise a team of people who will implement the health plan in the school. A champion can be a teacher, parent, church leader, or anyone passionate to serve the school with the TREE strategy.
  2. Teachers Investment
    We focus on inspiring teachers to become whole as individuals. This can be done through different teacher investment sessions. In the long run, we measure the current emotional state of teachers as this helps the school management implement a strategic leadership plan to empower teachers better.
  3. Leadership Investment
    Lead Today is a leadership program aimed at developing a solid foundation for young leaders to establish a leadership culture in the school.
  4. Youth Coach
    A Youth Coach is a young leader focused on serving the school by implementing the HEALTH PLAN and strengthening the relationship with learners and teachers.

Expected Outcomes

We believe that a healthy school consists of the following:

  1. The management strategically focuses on growing their school environment each year, by creating a healthy- spiritual, Relational, and Purposeful environment.
  2. Teachers that understand their calling, are empowered to lead learners to discover their talents and gifts.
  3. Teachers that are appreciated and resilient to flourish in life.
  4. Learners who know God and His perspective on their gifts and talents.
  5. Learners who understand that they are called to lead and discover this leadership from a young age.

Expected Impact

In the past three years we have seen:

  • 215 000 Learners reached in schools.
  • 5 700 Learners made first-time commitments to the Lord.
  • 1 200 Learners coached in one-on-one sessions.

To further our reach, we need to:

  1. Appoint youth coaches in the schools. We believe that a youth coach plays a crucial role in reaching the goals in the schools that they are involved in. Currently, we have 69 full-time youth coaches empowered through fundraising projects and we want to employ another 30 youth coaches in the next five years.
    COST: +- R9000 per month per youth coach
  2. Train and equip youth coaches so that they can be more effective across South Africa. Funding is needed for youth coach training, an annual Leadership Conference, and a Leadership breakaway. We are currently funded by Doxa Deo Congregations throughout South Africa.
    COST: R5000 per youth coach per year
  3. Appoint additional administration support for TREE’s main Support Centre to ensure improved leadership support services to the TREE ministry throughout South Africa. We would like to appoint one administrator to empower the current leadership.
    Cost: R10000 per month
  4. Roll out of the TREE healthy school strategy at government-funded schools. We will employ a yearly program for public schools to ensure that they can become a healthier environment.
    COST: R20000 per school for a year mentorship program

Meet the Team

Zelda Coetzee

Zelda has been involved in working in schools for more than 35 years. She leads the teams in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Ashley Mukwevho

Ashley is a passionate youth pastor and leads the team in Tembisa, Johannesburg.

Brent Pittaway

Brent is a dynamic young leader that leads the team in Bloemfontein.

Mbali Mhlongo

Mbali is a strong leader and communicator. She is a youth coach in Midrand.

Simphiwe Gama

Simphiwe is passionate about the next generation. She is leading the team in Central Pretoria.

Shannon van Wyk

Shannon is a committed and seasoned leader. She is leading the team in the Eastern part of Pretoria.

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