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Compassion in Action: Championing Change for At-Risk Children with Victory Kidz Moot

Welcome to Victory Kidz Moot, where we invite you to be a part of changing a child’s destiny. In a broken society plagued by criminal offenses against children, we are determined to act against this darkness and bring positive change to their lives. With nine years of caring for maltreated and abused children, Victory Kidz Moot is a place of safety operating under a designated Child Protection Organization and a registered non-profit established in 1938.

At Victory Kidz Moot, we provide in-house care to children in need, offering them safety and support until they can reconcile with their biological parents, find a permanent family-related home, or embark on their independent journey at 18. Our dedicated staff and volunteers undergo rigorous screening, training, and empowerment to ensure the best care for these young souls.

Our comprehensive management approach involves HR, finance, support services, and monitoring to maintain transparency and accountability. Through networking with the welfare sector and similar projects, we address the temporary placement of children and remain aligned with new legislation and regulations.

Your involvement with Victory Kidz Moot guarantees you transparency in all our activities, including financial statements, regular updates, and news. Together, we can create a community that is aware of social well-being, knowledgeable about intervention strategies to keep children safe, and equipped with prevention measures against abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Join us today and be a beacon of hope for these children to reach their dreams and develop their full potential.

Target Groups: Al children - 18years
Influenced Countries: South Africa


  1. In-House Care: Provide a safe and compliant home for children, focusing on their self-esteem, growth, and development.
  2. Recruitment, Screening, and Appointment: Employ qualified staff and volunteers, including a Center Manager and tutors, to care for the children.
  3. Training and Empowerment: Train all staff and volunteers to enhance their skills and abilities.
  4. Management: Establish HR and financial systems, conduct regular management meetings, and ensure project visibility.
  5. Networking: Maintain contact with the Welfare Sector, align with regulations, and address the temporary placement of children.
  6. Marketing: Promote the project’s visibility, engage with the community, and attract donors and sponsors.

Expected Outputs

  1. Legal Place of Safety: Children have access to a legally compliant place of safety in the community.
  2. Job Creation: Employment opportunities are created for caring staff and volunteers.
  3. Empowered Staff and Volunteers: Training and support result in empowered and responsible staff and volunteers.
  4. Community Involvement: The project garners support and involvement from the local community and companies.
  5. Funding and Resources: Donors and sponsors contribute funds and in-kind resources to sustain the home.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Child Safety: Children receive immediate safety and protection per the Children’s Act.
  2. Empowerment: Staff and volunteers gain new skills and confidence through training and support.
  3. Community Engagement: The project becomes a resource for the community, attracting involvement and support.
  4. Donor Participation: Donors and sponsors actively contribute funds or resources to the project.

Expected Impact

  1. Community Awareness: Communities become more aware of overall social well-being, particularly for children.
  2. Intervention Strategies: Communities are more knowledgeable about intervention strategies to safeguard children.
  3. Prevention Strategies: Communities adopt proactive strategies to prevent child abuse, abandonment, and neglect.
  4. Crisis Intervention: Communities develop pre-statutory intervention strategies for children in danger or crisis.
  5. Child Development: Children benefit from exposure, community support, and resources to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams.

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